SC-1 induction wire car soldering machine

SC-1 and SC-2
These units are designed to weld big cable car terminals. Mainly 16, 20 and 25.
The machines are built with an iron chassis to provide maximum life and sturdy system. A closed with aluminium profiles protect the operator from all moving parts. An Omron PLC controls the entire process and security.

Each job has an interchangeable jig to hold a terminal. The jig is placed in a special holder that is on a pneumatic cylinder. This support is water cooled to reduce the temperature was getting due to inductive field.

When start the cycle, the wire is moved into machine where the induction equipment is. When the soldering is done move out it again. For SC-1/2S welding head is mounted on a cylinder that moves between station 1 and 2 as is required.

Made in Spain